About Our Company

It's about happy clients, doing great work, and being with family.

Livewire Web Design has been serving the local community with professional and affordable web development for nearly 6 years. We have expanded dramatically in that time while working on some incredible projects. We pride ourselves on "getting back to basics" with a reliable focus on core standards and functions. Livewire has been a leader in the web development industry in Gainesville for quite a while, and we've seen the trends and fads come and go. Nothing, however, has replaced the essential need for a website to have a defined business purpose and a determined means of achieving that purpose.

It all really boils down to function. Far too many sites out there have a lot of zing, but no real development. In short, they lack substance. It seems that a common trend lately has been designing an entire site around a cool-looking menu or fancy button set. Far too little attention is being paid to a broad user availability and sensible, simple navigation structures. Some folks may be impressed with your really neat-o menu, until they try to locate specific information on your site and find you've spent all of your time making a few buttons and lacked the common sense to put familiar information where it's supposed to go.

We believe that your website should be like a dream employee: Always working, never calling in sick, polite, easy to understand, and, above all, valued by your clients. If your current website doesn't make your life much easier, maybe now is the time to ask yourself whether it's worth keeping on the payroll.


Livewire has decided to partner with Insulin for Life, ifl-usa.org, and we're donating our time and experience so that they can continue saving lives. IFL depends on insulin donations and provides them to centers in impoverished countries around the world. They've done so much for the tens of thousands of children with type 1 diabetes that we want to give something back to them.

We're building IFL a great new website and doing the SEO to get the word out on Google and other search engines. With the increase in traffic we hope to help them increase their donations and help even more children. Here's to Mark and Carol Atkinson, you guys are something special.