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Embedly is a great service that allows you to embed anything into your website from an outside URL. Automatically. Think Facebook, and how it pulls and displays information from a link when you type it into the status box. That's essentially what Embedly does.

What can Embedly pull out?

Anything. Text, site descriptions, videos or other media. As long as the site is set up correctly (ie not in frames or from 1995), Embedly will extract and can display the content in any way we choose.

How we make it better?

We can integrate Embedly seamlessly into your HTML website or CMS.

Inside Wordpress

Yes, there is an Embedly plugin for wordpress. We don't find it very useful and it breaks often. It does not provide anything on the front end so it is quite limited on who can benefit from the program. Additionally, if you need to customize it at all you're in for some trouble. We find installing Embedly manually in wordpress is much easier and more cost effective for our clients.

Need Embedly integrated with User Submitted Posts?
That's us.


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