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Google Reviews Are GOLD!

Need more reviews? Let us answer for you – you do. There isn’t a company out there that doesn’t want more positive reviews and the chance to avoid negative reviews.

Enter, our review widget.

When a user clicks this button to leave a review they are prompted with the thumbs up or down option. Similar to this one. It will be placed on the bottom right or left of your website’s pages, or included as a link wherever you want!

Got a thumbs up?
Get them straight to Google. We set up a link so they are taken directly to the ‘Write a Review” box.

Thumbs down?
The user is directed to a review FORM, which contains a star rating. This form is sent to you, not Google.

Now you have a chance to correct the issue before a negative review makes it online … where the issue is significantly more difficult to resolve.

Widget users have seen an increase in POSITIVE Google reviews of up to 30%!

Google Review Gold

30% more positive reviews!


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