Digital Marketing Onboarding

Closing in. Next one is big too, Social Media.

Choose your favorite outlets and set a post frequency.
Then set a month ad budget.

Ask yourself: “What do I want to achieve on social media?”

For example:
If you want to increase brand awareness, then consider using a mix of targeted Facebook ads and short-form vertical videos, such as TikTok or Instagram Reels.
If you want to generate more leads, then consider using LinkedIn as it’s renowned for B2B marketing.
If you want to sell a product, then consider a visual channel like Instagram or Pinterest that both offer product tags and prices with links to your e-commerce store.


Choose a post frequency

1 post per week, $75/ mo.per channel
3 posts per week, $175/mo. per channel
5 posts per week, $210/mo. per channel


$175 per campaign, per 2 channels (selected above)

--ad creation, management, data analysis, and reporting--

Daily Max Spend (for all channels combined - enter 0 if unsure)

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