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Custom Web Program

Suwannee Medical is an established client with us. We have a great relationship with them and love working on new projects when they come up. This latest project evolved from the need for a better application management system. All they had was an online application that was sent over email. They needed something that involved the user more and took some of the weight off of the staffing crew.

Enter the custom job board. There simply wasn't a good third party resource out there that did what they wanted to do. Everything had either far too many features or not nearly enough. So we built something from the ground up.

Now Suwanneee has an excellent, fast, secure job board that does EXACTLY what they want it to do. Plus it's completely scalable so we can add to it as the need arises.

HTML5 & CSS3  |  PHP & MySQL

  100% custom design and administration

  Create internal jobs and view applications

  Facebook sign up option for users

  User profile management

  One-click apply feature

  Document & resume upload

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