Javascript called by PHP

Interesting little snippet. What is going on here? Livewire gives you the low down.    if($num_rowvs == 0){ echo ‘<script>// <![CDATA[ alert(“This is an alert message. I’m alerting you that you are totally awesome!”); // ]]></script>’; }   First, we’re creating a simple if statement in PHP.  Not entirely necessary, but prbobably the most common setup.… Continue reading Javascript called by PHP

Is PPC Advertising Worth It?

The answer is: it depends. In our experience it really comes down to your industry, your ad’s effectiveness and … dum de dum dum … money. First, your industry should be visible online in the first place. Holly’s Bakery is probably going to do fine on Google ads or Facebook but John’s Elder Entertainment Center… Continue reading Is PPC Advertising Worth It?

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Fraternity Management Has a New Website

Fraternity management needed something up quickly and something that was affordable. Glad to know that they chose us as their Gainesville Web Design team.  Additional to the website they requested a simple program that managed their payment modules. As experienced PHP developers, we were able to quickly put something together at no additional charge. Our… Continue reading Fraternity Management Has a New Website