Gatorland Kubota Has A New Website

A great new site for a great company with new ownership. Gatorland Kubota sells and services all kinds of farm and lawn equipment. A family owned and operated business there is no doubt that they want the best for their customers. After all, they chose livewire didn’t they?

The Brief Business Guide To Instagram

Instagram is a misunderstood product for most business owners. Isn’t facebook enough? No. Unfortunately you must not only adapt to the changing social media platforms but you have to keep adapting to all the various forms of networkings online. For some it’s fun, for others it’s a necessary evil, still others refuse to join in.… Continue reading The Brief Business Guide To Instagram

Redirects & Canonical. What’s The Difference?

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between setting redirects and canonicalization. Here’s the deal. What a 301 says to search engines. Hello, Mr. Search Engine. My page has has moved, permanently, to this other address. If you will please remove my old domain from your index and push everything through to this… Continue reading Redirects & Canonical. What’s The Difference?