CSS Animation, The New Flash?

I’ve used it, so I am not immune to the pull of CSS animation, but what are we doing here folks? Used sparingly, CSS animation is at best a small way to augment conversions (button wiggle), but at worst it is a resource hog that destroys readability and flow. I can guarantee that users would… Continue reading CSS Animation, The New Flash?

Product Variations – WordPress Plugins

So this is a nice little plugin – an add-on to Woocommerce called Smart Variation Images. The extension allows  you to set different images to each product variation. This is handy to display different style types to the user as they browse through your product variation choices. Each time they select a new variation, the primary image… Continue reading Product Variations – WordPress Plugins

TradePMR has a new website

A really great client – TradePMR – just launched their new super awesome, totally spectacular, mobile responsive website! We worked with their staff for the last 8 weeks to put together an entirely new online experience for their customers. Livewire will be conducting conversion optimization audits over the next few weeks. This will allow us… Continue reading TradePMR has a new website