AJAX Store Locator ★★★★★

Just finished up a project using AJAX store locator from codecanyon. The client needed a lightweight solution to locate specialty stores all across the country. With some significant upgrades, we customized this script to suit their needs exactly. Customization took around six hours but was much more efficient and cost effective than building something with this much functionality from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel?

Overall this is a great product. Insall was a snap and it was intelligently put together. File structure was intuitive so it was easy to modify, which is the true sign of a quality script. We appreciate the CSV upload and the import/export feature but the CSV uploader does not automatically geolocate the given address and you have to go into edit mode for the geolocating to kick in. That is disappointing but not a huge deal and certainly fixable.

The only other issue we have with this script is the editing interface. The author relies on popups too often and they tend to get in the way, especially if you are a fast clicker and want to edit multiple entries in a short period of time.. the AJAX is actually a bit much in some areas.

But, past that, it serves our purpose and we give it 5 stars.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

AJAX store locator

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