Lawn Enforcement Agency Has A New Website

Lawn Enforcement came to us in need of some SEO advice. They were paying another company several hundred dollars per month and getting nowhere. We noted that there were many, many site structural problems with their current design and all the probably needed was a new site and some staff training. This way they could save the money they wasted on SEO services and put that toward Google ads or some other form of marketing that has an actual ROI. As Gainesville Web Design experts, we put them into a new layout that was mobile ready and fully optimized. All the right pieces are in the right place and….

For the price of a couple of months of charges with their other company they are back on page 1 and moving up even further.

That is results. All they needed was that final piece of the puzzle in place and everything clicked. They had wasted months of agony on such a simple missed aspect of their SEO. Luckily they called us and we were able to set things straight. Plus a cool sticky menu had to be added…


Our New Look

Take a peak at our main website’s new look! We’re proud to present a brand new layout and style for Livewire Web Design. We work

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