WP: Adding a HTML5 Search Form

A simple script from your local Gainesville Web Designer. [code scroll=”false” language=”htmml”] <form role=”search” method=”get” class=”search-form” action=”<?php echo home_url( ‘/’ ); ?>”> <label> <span class=”screen-reader-text”><?php echo _x( ‘Search for:’, ‘label’ ) ?></span> <input type=”search” class=”search-field” placeholder=”<?php echo esc_attr_x( ‘Search …’, ‘placeholder’ ) ?>” value=”<?php echo get_search_query() ?>” name=”s” title=”<?php echo esc_attr_x( ‘Search for:’, ‘label’ ) ?>” /> </label> <input type=”submit”… Continue reading WP: Adding a HTML5 Search Form

Jquery Simple Fadeout

A cute little snippet to show a simple green bar upon a successful edit. <?php if(isset($_GET[‘edit’])){ ?> <div id=’notifyy’> Edited Successfully </div>     <script type=”text/javascript”>     $( ‘#notifyy’ ).show(function(){     $(this).fadeOut(5000);     });     </script> <?php } ?> The CSS: #notifyy{width:100%;background:#2f5001;padding:4px 15px;color:#fff;} Always, Gainesville Web Design

Digital Worlds

Just finished up a long term project with Digital Worlds at the University of Florida in Gainesville. This web design project intends to reach young audiences with compelling content. It is a place for them to upload videos, share, collaborate and get insights into problems and issues that affect their peers. The “portal”, in a… Continue reading Digital Worlds

Early Learning Coalition Has A New Website

The ELC of alachua county came to us looking for some help with their current website. They had evidently been hacked on their Joomla installation and there were a number of issues that rippled out from that. We attempted to fix the installation but the site was outdated and needed a refresh anyway. We mentioned… Continue reading Early Learning Coalition Has A New Website

Facebook Ads V2

Still debating whether or not to use facebook ads? The short answer is you just have to put something out there to get the data back in order to determine if it gives you that ROI or not. Facebook’s network is extensive and the major benefit of advertising on it is how highly you can… Continue reading Facebook Ads V2

Add YARPP to Custom Post Types: WordPress

Custom Wordpress Plugin Help

A great little plugin for adding related posts to your blog has been around for a while: YARPP, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. It’s fairly robust, for being free, but it does not natively support custom post types – a bummer. A quick way around this is to add a simple piece of code in… Continue reading Add YARPP to Custom Post Types: WordPress

Moving Day

Moving day, er, week, here at Livewire. New offices located at 2606 NW 6th Street are being filled in with all of our useful junk. Very exciting to be in a premium location with large signage and great new neighbors. Livewire has teamed up with Gnosys Networks to offer a wider range of services for… Continue reading Moving Day

Gatorland Kubota Has A New Website

A great new site for a great company with new ownership. Gatorland Kubota sells and services all kinds of farm and lawn equipment. A family owned and operated business there is no doubt that they want the best for their customers. After all, they chose livewire didn’t they?

The Brief Business Guide To Instagram

Instagram is a misunderstood product for most business owners. Isn’t facebook enough? No. Unfortunately you must not only adapt to the changing social media platforms but you have to keep adapting to all the various forms of networkings online. For some it’s fun, for others it’s a necessary evil, still others refuse to join in.… Continue reading The Brief Business Guide To Instagram

Redirects & Canonical. What’s The Difference?

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between setting redirects and canonicalization. Here’s the deal. What a 301 says to search engines. Hello, Mr. Search Engine. My page has has moved, permanently, to this other address. If you will please remove my old domain from your index and push everything through to this… Continue reading Redirects & Canonical. What’s The Difference?

Recover From A Negative SEO Attack

Nothing can be quite as irritating or as damaging as an unscrupulous competitor or determined unhappy client that is willing to go to any length to harm your business. It doesn’t take much for some people to launch an all out assault on your business, endangering everything you’ve worked for. Maybe they have a valid… Continue reading Recover From A Negative SEO Attack

What’s New For 2015

Really, we’re not all that sure. We’ll go where the winds blow us but we do have some exciting projects to start out the year right. January will be a big month for us here at Livewire and we hope it only goes up from there. We’re glad to be partnering with some excellent organizations… Continue reading What’s New For 2015

Would You Lock Out 20% Of Your Customers?

If you have a website that is not responsive, or that does not have a mobile version (at least), that’s exactly what you’re doing. Nowadays it’s not just an important add-on feature to your website, going mobile is essential to a fully adjusted online presence. Did you know that some browsers have a “mobile version”… Continue reading Would You Lock Out 20% Of Your Customers?

How To Win Visitors And Influence Traffic

Is there anything more of a turn-off than a untrustworthy website? Not in our world. Increasing the trust in your website is key to making conversions (calls, emails…. sales … you know, money). There are a number of factors determining the level of trust on your website. Here’s how to leverage some of them to… Continue reading How To Win Visitors And Influence Traffic

WordPress Experts: Getting Slug by Single_Cat_Title

An interesting problem that I came across in a recent project. The client needed a custom post taxonomy set to a gallery of choices on a featured section of their website. First we needed to add custom post types and category images plugins. Iterating through the taxonomy was a cinch but at one point I… Continue reading WordPress Experts: Getting Slug by Single_Cat_Title

Come On Folks, It’s All About Site Structure, Still!

I like what Jeff Bezos said about your margin being his opportunity. In the same way, for other SEO companies out there, your inattention to site structure is our opportunity. We just wish your clients didn’t have to suffer through it before they come to us to get it right. We had a recent client,… Continue reading Come On Folks, It’s All About Site Structure, Still!

A Little ZipBamBoom From Livewire and You’re #1

Performance Transmission came to us in need of a Gainesville SEO Expert. Luckily, we have one of those and loan him out on occasion. They had tried other SEO tactics and were just not seeing the results they needed. No matter what they were doing they couldn’t jawbone Google into responding. We offered them our… Continue reading A Little ZipBamBoom From Livewire and You’re #1

WordPress Custom Post Type Category Images : Solved

If you’re a WordPress developer, you’ve probably been here. You want to use images for your categories, but they are custom taxonomies. Here’s how to solve that issue. We’re using a plugin called “Category Images” by Muhammad Said El Zahlan. Download, install and activate the plugin. Now you can add images to your categories in any… Continue reading WordPress Custom Post Type Category Images : Solved

Eat More Protien

Meat in your website diet is needed – you’re probably in optimization atrophy … What is meat for your website? Content. Your site need fresh content added to it on a regular basis. Good content. Compelling content. But most of all, it need to be original content. That means say goodbye to copy and pasting anything,… Continue reading Eat More Protien

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Linking Your G+ Page To Your Website

We always get asked: Does anyone use G+? Yes. Is it worth it? Again, Yes. Using Google’s products would obviously help your standing with their search algorithm. We don’t know this to be technically true but it certainly seems so in our experience. The more you use and integrate Google products, often, the better your… Continue reading Linking Your G+ Page To Your Website

JW Freeman Plumbing Has A New Website

JW Freeman plumbing is a new client with lots of potential. He needs something that will put him on top and Livewire is that something. We have tons of experience and dozens of happy clients that proves we have the formula for success. We don’t keep it a secret either. We are upfront about how… Continue reading JW Freeman Plumbing Has A New Website

Understanding Image Optimization

Image optimization is complicated and a multi-tiered process that takes months of study and practice. Just kidding. It’s easy. First, make sure you’re images aren’t huge. Most digital devices take pictures in high resolutions and most stock photos come that way. Always size your images to the exact size they’re going to be online. If… Continue reading Understanding Image Optimization

Why is WordPress our Go-To CMS?

Easy. It’s easy. Easy to use, operate and teach. We have dealt with virtually every blogging and Content Management Software out there, in existence, forever. Seen them all. Virtually all of them have their individual issues, yes, even WordPress. But few are as intuitive and easy to learn. Pros. Obviously, easy to use. Adding content… Continue reading Why is WordPress our Go-To CMS?