Maintaining Correct Site Structure

One of the biggest holes in a client’s SEO (pre livewire SEO, that is) is almost always the site structure. So many SEO companies focus on content and backlinks that quality code is often overlooked. There are many cases where we have come into the tail end of another company’s SEO efforts and changed only… Continue reading Maintaining Correct Site Structure

Extend Your iPhone or iPad Battery Life

A common problem in todays world – batteries haven’t really kept up with the rest of the tech world and are absolutely the weak link in virtually any modern day tech pack. Things have gotten better over the years. My smartphone lasts about 18 hours depending on usage now, when a few years ago it… Continue reading Extend Your iPhone or iPad Battery Life

Authority + Trust + Relevance = Rankings

Here you go – the magic formula for ranking on Google. Yes, Yahoo and Bing still matter … even though the third most searched term on Bing is “Google”  – people trying to get back to Google, but they’re still relevant. It’s just easier to focus on Google as they lead the algorithm predator/prey dynamic.… Continue reading Authority + Trust + Relevance = Rankings

Netgear Routers Are Terrible

Why did we purchase this product for our office? What a mistake. Range on this router is about 4 feet before the signal drops off significantly. Speeds are sketchy and we experienced significant slowdown periods throughout the day. Connections lost – impromptu port disabling, you name it. If there is ever a “rise of the machines”… Continue reading Netgear Routers Are Terrible

Better Than Notepad: Notepad ++

We love this little program. It’s a replacement for Notepad called Notepad++. It’s like notepad on steroids. Lots of  new, useful functions – essentially, everything Microsoft neglected to put into their product,; open source, once again, has provided a better alternative. Easy find/replace functions, even in files so no need to know exactly where the… Continue reading Better Than Notepad: Notepad ++

Javascript called by PHP

Interesting little snippet. What is going on here? Livewire gives you the low down.    if($num_rowvs == 0){ echo ‘<script>// <![CDATA[ alert(“This is an alert message. I’m alerting you that you are totally awesome!”); // ]]></script>’; }   First, we’re creating a simple if statement in PHP.  Not entirely necessary, but prbobably the most common setup.… Continue reading Javascript called by PHP

Is PPC Advertising Worth It?

The answer is: it depends. In our experience it really comes down to your industry, your ad’s effectiveness and … dum de dum dum … money. First, your industry should be visible online in the first place. Holly’s Bakery is probably going to do fine on Google ads or Facebook but John’s Elder Entertainment Center… Continue reading Is PPC Advertising Worth It?

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Fraternity Management Has a New Website

Fraternity management needed something up quickly and something that was affordable. Glad to know that they chose us as their Gainesville Web Design team.  Additional to the website they requested a simple program that managed their payment modules. As experienced PHP developers, we were able to quickly put something together at no additional charge. Our… Continue reading Fraternity Management Has a New Website

SEO is No Big Secret

Really, SEO is not some big secret. Some companies try to pretend it is but you don’t have to be an expert to manage your own SEO. What do you think search engines like Google want? Well, they want what their users’ want. That’s how they get business, they want the most relevant content at… Continue reading SEO is No Big Secret

To Gimp or Not To Gimp

In the world of photo editing, adobe photoshop is king. They really do have an amazing product. It’s sleek, works great, and is very robust sporting dozens and dozens of functions and endless possibilities for the graphic artist.  Photoshop is also very, very expensive. The entire Adobe creative suite is a major ripoff in our… Continue reading To Gimp or Not To Gimp

Review: WordPress Business Directory ★ ★ ★

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_button title=”Where it’s at” target=”_blank” color=”btn-inverse” icon=”wpb_arrow” size=”wpb_regularsize” href=”″][vc_column_text] ★ ★ ★ Features V1.8 Premium Membership (Paypal) Location Based Search Internationalization CSV Import with auto map location finder[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text] 3 Stars out of 5 This is a wordpress plugin We took off one point for poor style and another for some poor code. First,… Continue reading Review: WordPress Business Directory ★ ★ ★

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Firefox is dead to me

That happened a long time back. Now it seems that the once beloved browser is now in the same situation with the majority of its former users. I personally feel that the browser lost its roots in version 12, but it was showing signs of becoming yesterdays news long before that. The trouble wasn’t too… Continue reading Firefox is dead to me

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem ipsum is simply Latin text. Gobbledygook, essentially. Well, not really; It does have its roots in latin text from just before the BC to BCE line, so that puts it around 2000 years old. Past that, it’s gibberish.  Sometimes web developers need filler text to create web pages. Instead of just typing the word… Continue reading What is Lorem Ipsum?

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AJAX Store Locator ★★★★★

Just finished up a project using AJAX store locator from codecanyon. The client needed a lightweight solution to locate specialty stores all across the country. With some significant upgrades, we customized this script to suit their needs exactly. Customization took around six hours but was much more efficient and cost effective than building something with… Continue reading AJAX Store Locator ★★★★★

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New Projects

We’re excited to have new projects coming in on a regular basis. On the menu for the next few weeks are some great opportunities to expand our portfolio and our reach. Lake Butler is electing a new Sheriff soon and we’ll be creating one of the candidate’s websites. That one will be fun as we’ve… Continue reading New Projects

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TNA The Facial Pain Association has a new website

Glad to have them on board! The Facial Pain Association does some really great work on helping people with debilitating condition known as TNA. Facial pain is a serious condition and options are often limited for sufferers. Fortunately they do have the association there to assist them in any way they can. From support groups,… Continue reading TNA The Facial Pain Association has a new website

Offline linking

This is a profound point. A lot of linking takes place offline. Sounds weird but many great links sprout from the personal relationships you make as a business. Noteworthy links can be found at your local chamber of commerce just like any Hotfrog or elocal directory site. “This is definitely the most commonly overlooked SEO tactic of… Continue reading Offline linking