Good one on Sitelinks

Sitelinks also factor into your ad rank, and can influence the position of your ad on search page. Ad Rank previously took into account your max cost-per-click (CPC) and quality score, and now ad extensions and formats are another component of the calculation. Seems like a no-brainer to implement, right? Surprisingly, many clients are still not… Continue reading Good one on Sitelinks

Session Timeouts

We’re currently fixing a set of issues with a shopping cart created through a different developer for a local client. They did a pretty good job but forgot about session timeouts. A lot of developers gloss over this aspect of their ecommerce site and unfortunately customers pay the price. Sessions are what is created to… Continue reading Session Timeouts

Budding Biologist has a new website

A cute website for a really neat childrens’ book series by budding biologist. Their new website is responsive, meaning it is mobile ready and will display correctly across all devices and all browsers. Integrated web store and using the latest in HTML 5 and CSS3 media queries. Cloud cover on the background is 100% CSS… Continue reading Budding Biologist has a new website

Insurency SEO

Glad to have Insurency on board with the Livewire team. We did not make their website but we’ll be doing their Internet marketing. We have a great plan for them and will be proud to be competing alongside huge names like Geico and Progressive. It’s quite the challenge but we’re up for it. Their program… Continue reading Insurency SEO

New apps coming down the pipe

We have 6 new apps coming out over the next few months. Very excited to roll these out – unfortunately we can’t give you too many details but we have a couple apps geared toward attorneys and the legal industry, one that deals with product shipping and another that connects businesses with first time customers… Continue reading New apps coming down the pipe

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Back in the day a simple website could get away with an on-page sitemap. Just a simple list of pages somewhere on the site. Not so much anymore. Sitemaps – at least the ones we intend for search engines to look at – are all internal. We use a programming scheme called XML to create… Continue reading Sitemaps

Thomas Jackson Updates

John Pailing and I have been hard at work upgrading what is already an incredible website. We have made several layout changes and are playing with a few ideas that will really add to the depth and relevance of the site. It is truly an honor to be a part of history in such a… Continue reading Thomas Jackson Updates

Understanding Value

At Livewire, we definitely understand what value means. As primarily a B2B driven business we know that value goes beyond a ROI, although that is incredibly important. A proper return on investment is the measuring stick by which most business owners value our services, and that is totally fine with us. We always knock it… Continue reading Understanding Value

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What’s Worse?

What’s worse than these dang North Florida love bugs? Having a poor website, for one. A website should be like the dream employee . It should never call in sick, treat your customers properly and get them the information and the attention the require each and every time. What’s worse than 97 degrees and 90%… Continue reading What’s Worse?

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Jquery XML Shopping Cart

We’ve built all kinds of shopping carts – many from the ground up. Experienced with all the third party vendors – zencart, opencart, xcart, etc… we know that clients need something completely customized sometimes. Many shopping carts are simply to complicated for some clients to use – also a case where a customized shopping cart… Continue reading Jquery XML Shopping Cart

New Mobile SIte

Head on over to livewiregeeks on your mobile device It’s our new mobile site based on Chalis iwebapp – a powerful framework that works well across the board. Livewire mobile has everything our main website has but is built for mobile devices. A custom redirect script detects whether a user is accessing the website via a… Continue reading New Mobile SIte

Matt Birk has a new website

This is responsive website with layout originally conceived by HTML5. Clean and simple, it is just what the doctor, er, lawyer ordered. Matt needed something up quick, but didn’t have to sacrifice quality. WIthin 2 days we had a simple design up that he can be proud of. Because it’s responsive, it will display correctly on… Continue reading Matt Birk has a new website

Raven Tools

Took a look at Raven SEO tools today. Really, not all that impressed. They have a good price but it mostly looks like you’re just hooking up other services to be managed in one location. That’s valuable in and of itself, but not really what we’re looking for with SEO management software. We’ve gone back… Continue reading Raven Tools

Our New Look

Take a peak at our main website’s new look! We’re proud to present a brand new layout and style for Livewire Web Design. We work hard on your websites, so we took a few days to upgrade ours – we added a new optimization center that gives prices and information about our SEO gainesville web… Continue reading Our New Look

Should you be wary of SEO firms?

Good Call Commander! You should absolutely be suspicious of SEO firms these days. The industry is unfortunately saturated with unscrupulous, downright devious companies that prey on  unsuspecting business owners attempting to better their rankings. They pump your site full of fluff and post thousands of links around their web of interconnected spam sites. We’re not… Continue reading Should you be wary of SEO firms?

Database Projects

We are database junkies. Simply put, you can’t beet the flexibility and scalability that databases offer us in the web design world. We prefer using MySQL which is the most common database for web projects. It integrates with PHP perfectly and together there is simply nothing more powerful. There is nothing you can’t do, but… Continue reading Database Projects

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Lots of new fun with CSS3. CSS makes styling web pages a snap. Now CSS3, the third “version”,  allows for incredibly robust styling possible. For instance, background gradients are a breeze when before developers had to create them as images or use CSS ‘hacks’ to accomplish those goals.  The standards allow us to rely less… Continue reading CSS3

What You Should be Asking

When hiring a developer, many people don’t know what questions they should be asking – if they knew, then they’d probably be doing the work themselves, right? First and foremost – ask for examples of previous projects. The surefire way to weed out the novices is to look at their previous work. How much of… Continue reading What You Should be Asking

New Web Program: Brain Development Maps

Creating was a great opportunity to work on a very interesting site; Shirley came to Livewire with very specific needs. There is nothing ‘typical’ or ‘standard’ about this website, it is in a word, unique. allows users to view highly detailed brain mapped images online. These images, when standing alone are several hundred… Continue reading New Web Program: Brain Development Maps

Learning how to code?

We get questions all the time about how we started doing all this. Where did we learn to code? How on earth does any of that make sense? Some people are interested in learning for themselves. It’s easy to get started, especially in this day and age. Back when we started you had to read… Continue reading Learning how to code?

New Partners

We’ve partnered up with PWH Tech Solutions – one of Gainesville’s premier IT companies – to build some great new apps and web programs. We wish we could tell you all about it but things are pretty hush-hush right now. Suffice it to say that these are huge projects that will benefit people and businesses… Continue reading New Partners