Search Engine Optimization

More important than ever and we’re at the leading edge. One of our best success stories is Rose Petals Nursery. We’ve been doing optimization for them for some time now with some great results. We’re dominating from top to bottom. Just check out this high level,¬†competitive¬†keyword: Old Garden Roses. Where we site comfortably at #2

Project Gutenburg

Every heard of it? If not, make sure to check it out. They have tons of books online, free for anybody. Our favorite? A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain Got a smartphone? Just download a free e-reader and you’re all set. Download the epub version for most e-readers.

Facebook Dings Developers

In the ever growing app community, Facebook is putting the screws to developers looking to use their vast resources to build their apps. Really, they’re just looking for a little “reciprocity”. But come on, how much do you need? You already own and operate the largest website in the world. Do you really need more… Continue reading Facebook Dings Developers

What the Heck! The Boutique Guide?!

Yes, it’s the roll out of our newest fandangled BOUTIQUE GUIDE! This is a really, truly excellent experiment in cooperative advertising. We’ve built The Boutique Guide to get small boutiques – generally just a one or two person operation – a leg up on their (lass capitally challenged) competition. The Boutique Guide advertises itself along… Continue reading What the Heck! The Boutique Guide?!

The Best of HTML 5

Thank Goodness HTML 5 is finally here and it’s everything we expected it to be and more! Out of the many new features with the code standards comes with it many new and exiting programs to facilitate the production of HTML 5 websites. One great new tool is called Modernizer. This is a javascript library… Continue reading The Best of HTML 5

CSS Evolution

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS revolutionized the way the web was/is written. The next evolution has been the roll out of CSS3. With all kinds of new tricks, CSS3 promises to take web programming to the next level … and beyond. We generally hand code all of our style sheets but we have been known… Continue reading CSS Evolution

Client Spotlight: Pye Law

Tom Pye is a heck of a guy. Dedicated to his clients and serious about his business. He chose Livewire, the best Gainesville web design team in the businesses to create and promote his online presence. We remade his website and optimized it to the hilt. In just a short time he was dominating on… Continue reading Client Spotlight: Pye Law

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Hey, Look What We Did…

Our programmers are the best in the business. We just finished a great new project at This service connects lawyers with lawyers that pay referral fees for, you guessed it, referrals. The website features custom attorney profiles, administrative control over practice areas and geographical data….all kinds of neat things really. Admins can view stats… Continue reading Hey, Look What We Did…

Gainesville Website Design: Mobile Websites

Mobile sites are a great way to tap into a new resource for many businesses. More and more people are using their phones as their primary device for Internet access. Phones are more computers than they are phones these days. A mobile website is a lightweight version of your current website that is designed specifically… Continue reading Gainesville Website Design: Mobile Websites

A Blog you say, Like We Have Time!?

Well, it’s finally happened. A Gainesville Web Design Company made a wordpress blog and started posting to it in “third person” sort of way. Original, we know. We will hopefully have some interesting things to say between keywords, so just sit back, relax, and chew on some web design blog deliciousness.  

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