Submit A Sitemap … To Bing?

Indeed. For some reason, Bing still exists. And since it does you’ll need to submit your sitemap so your business will show up in the results of a person who searches from the unwanted automatically installed Bing bar on their browser. They’re so lovely, forcing it on you like that is such a treat. Anywho…. submitting your sitemap to Bing is easy.

  1. Create your sitemap using the sitemap generator of your choice. We do like the CoffeeCup Sitemapper.
  2. Find the sitemap.xml file it creates.
  3. Upload it to the main directory of your website.
  4. Create a Bing webmaster tools account and navigate to the sitemap widget
  5. Click “submit a sitemap” – ingenious, eh?
  6. Add the full link to your sitemap – it would read like,
  7. Click submit

That’s it. Now you can enjoy all the benefits Bing brings you (sarcasm overload…). If you’re using WordPress there are a number of sitemap plugins to choose from and you can skip most of this work. Did you know the 3rd most searched term on Bing is “Google”? Did we mention we are not fans of Bing?

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