Sullivan Welding Has A New Website

Sullivan welding does excellent custom welding and fabrication. Willum is the owner and manages a crew of expert custom welders. He came to Livewire looking for the best in Gainesville Web Design and we were able to set him up in a great new website in just a few weeks.

We love meeting new people and creating new business relationships. This past year we have had the opportunity to do this many times over. It gives us a lot of pleasure to know that we’re helping their business succeed and that they are happy with our Gainesville Web Design work. Check out sullivanwelding .com

Coming soon we have a set of websites about to launch so it looks like April is going to be a big month here.

Better Than Notepad: Notepad ++

We love this little program. It’s a replacement for Notepad called Notepad++. It’s like notepad on steroids. Lots of  new, useful functions – essentially, everything

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Raven Tools

Took a look at Raven SEO tools today. Really, not all that impressed. They have a good price but it mostly looks like you’re just

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