Web Marketing Staff Training

How easy is it for one to do their own SEO?

Difficulty level: 5 out of 10

If you know how to use a computer and can spare 3-5 hours per week then it is perfectly reasonable to expect you can do your own SEO and save hundreds of dollars per month bypassing those expensive SEO companies and putting that money toward something that gives you a better ROI.

The only part that is beyond the capabilities of most business owners is putting the correct site structure in place. Your website needs to have the correct code in place for search engines to understand the content in it. This is vital to ranking well on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Site structure is putting the correct tags in the right place, having the correct keyword density and, among other things, obtaining the fastest page load speed possible. This is a service best left to the professionals.

Past that, every part of SEO is easily doable by any business owner or office assistant. We guide you through the entire process with up to 3 training sessions and plenty of phone support. Plus we provide you with all the tools and resources you need to run your own, successful, SEO campaign. That includes reporting. For a small fee, we run reports on your website and send you our analysis of your progress and suggestions for the future.

It really is deceptively easy to do this. People that have gone through our training session are generally amazed that they had been paying another company several hundred dollars per month to do this type of work. Managing your own SEO will give you the freedom to move your website in whatever direction you want, focusing on your strengths. The money you save each month isn’t bad either.