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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
~Steve Jobs

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The Best In Web Development

Optimized, Responsive Web Design

We take a lot of pride in our work - no matter what we're doing. We keep up with the latest in industry standards and pay attention to the small things that make a website work beautifully. Our experience in conversion optimization and user interface design gives us the edge; for instance, we can tell and test for optimum color schemes, layouts that generate user actions, and optimum page speed.

Going Responsive

Responsive websites have fluid grids integrated into the design. This allows them to rearrange to adapt to the layout environment it is in. So this means that, when viewed with a mobile device versus a desktop, the layout will change to exactly fit a user's screen size.

That's the idea: A fluid website layout that fits multiple screen sizes.

Responsive designs eliminate the need for a separate mobile website, reducing maintenance costs and upgrading time. There are compromises, that's for sure. It takes a new way of thinking to work with responsive designs. It also is not for everyone. There are many cases where a separate mobile website is desirable. But if it is the right fit for you , it can absolutely make your website easier to manage and more user friendly.


We can fit you any major shopping cart software out there today (some of our favorite carts include Open Cart, Presashop, OSCommerce and XCart) or, because we're totally awesome, we can even build you a completely custom cart. Additionally, we can help modify any exiting software on the market today, integrate any payment processor out there or add membership management to any existing system.

iphone | Android | Web App

We do not create games. We can work within just about any mobile framework. We lean toward web apps for most of our clients. Web apps are less expensive, easier to maintain and update and you only need one app for all mobile devices. There are times though that native apps are required - dandy - we've got you covered.

Program and Web Application Development

With over 15 years of experience as PHP programmers, our team can work up virtually any type of web based program you need. Examples include document managers, custom content management, texting applications, GPS location services, job boards, or anything web based. We create fast and secure applications that are intuitive and easy to use. Best of all, we do this affordably. Programs are expensive to create most of the time but we have the handle on making it affordable for small business to have robust, scalable, efficient web applications.

Search Engine Optimization

Simply put, we'll get your website to page 1. Visit our optimization side of things at Gainesville Web Marketing.

Specialty Support

Some of the more common requests in popular areas of our expertise.

Embedly Help

Need support integrating Embed.ly into your website or wordpress installation?
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Wordpress Plugin Customization

Have a plugin that isn't working the way you want?
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Auction Software and Web Services

Host online auctions - premier auction software and support
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Ecommerce Shipping

Often a point of frustration with ecommerce - shipping - we have answers.
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Speed Up Wordpress

There's little worse than a incredibly slow wordpress installation.
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SEO Staff Training

The best in SEO - by you.
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Social Media Sign up

Ever wonder how to implement facebook/twitter/google+ user sign up capabilities into your existing program or application? We can integrate social login into almost any program or web software.

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Data Feeds

There are plenty of data feed provers out there, and we can work with any of them. A data feed is generally used when you're selling or promoting third party products or services. The company provides you with a link to a (sometime huge) file that contains all the necessary information to list their products/services. Problem is, how do you get that data feed to display on your website the way you want it to?
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Slideshows and Galleries

Plenty of options here. There are so many great image and content sliders out there that there is absolutely no point in reinventing the wheel. We can set you up with a modern easy to manage slideshow or gallery to showcase your products or display important information.


We do provide most of our clients with free hosting and email services. We don't recommend this however. It's best to maintain control over your own files and domain name - so keeping things under your own personal account somewhere is generally the best option. Where to host? We love these guys.