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Wordpress Plugin Customization

Plugin Customization

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Have a Wordpress Plugin that doesn't work the way you need it to?

Our Wordpress Plugin Customization will get it acting right

We can re-configure or rebuild any existing Wordpress plugin on the market today. Sometimes we can find you a better resource or build you a custom module or even a custom Wordpress Plugin. There are times where it is just easier and less expensive to build a plugin from scratch rather than work with Wordpress plugins that are broken or conflict with your theme - which is a common occurrence.

Plugin Customization Work Starts At $75/hr

As Wordpress experts we know the in's and outs of the system and that advantage allows us to pass savings along to our clients. We don't have to spend a lot of time and rack up the hours on a simple Wordpress plugin customization job. We move quickly and keep things neat, clean and secure - then those savings are passed directly to our clients. Having a thorough understanding of Wordpress is essential to writing plugins that are compatible across browsers, themes, and won't conflict with other plugins. With a combined 25 years of experience, Livewire has an edge on plugin customization our competition often cannot match.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on prompt and courteous customer service. Our attention to detail is what makes us different. Our attention to every customer is what keeps us going.


As comprehensive Gainesville web designers, we are dedicated to delivering high quality products on-time and on budget.

Command & Control

We are available evenings and most weekends. Emails are answered promptly ... communication skills, yes, we have them.

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We have an opportunity for everyone in the world to have access to all the world's information. This has never before been possible. Why is ubiquitous information so profound? It's a tremendous equalizer.

Information is power.

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