Content Marketing Mistakes That Derail Your SEO

Don’t fall into the trap of content which won’t rank on search engines to go along with your sites top-flight graphics. All the effort and money poured into your website is for nothing if you don’t rank on a search engine. These are some common mistakes that can really hurt your SEO efforts, and how to avoid them.


Graphics are crucial to your website’s success, but there is also a downside to using files that are too large. Large image and video files can slow the speed on your site greatly. When your website is too slow, it impacts your search engine results page (SERP) placement. Conversely, Google will reward you if your website runs faster. So before you upload that enormous image file to your site, think speed.

Not Using H1 Tags.

Even if you do everything right with your website, and don’t use H1 tags, you are invisible to search engines. Both Google and Bing use signals in their algorithms for H1 tags. H1 tags are generally used for titles of a page, so search engines understand their importance. Beware though, just like keyword stuffing, the use of too many H1 tags Google and Bing will penalize your site. Use one H1 tag with a definite, strong headline and your SEO will improve.

Don’t List Everything on One Page.

Search Engines will be puzzled if you try to list everything about your company on one page. They will not be able to determine what is your company’s core business. How do you avoid this problem? Have a page for each service or product your company provides; that sends a clear signal to search engines about each page’s content. Straightforward content that exalts the advantages of using your company’s goods or services also increases the likelihood of having a high SERP ranking.

Don’t Use Text in Images.

A common mistake made by webmasters is using text in an image. Why is including text in images a bad idea? Text contained in images is part of the image and makes it invisible to search engines. Text in an image also removes the H1 tag, as previously stated, is bad.


While there are conflicting views on the effectiveness of pop-ups to sell products, one thing remains true; search engines will penalize for using them. Google says they lower SERP rankings for pop-ups.

If you avoid these content marketing mistakes, then you can anticipate that your SEO efforts yield improved results.

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