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    Website Design, Web Application Development, Graphics. 

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    Web Application Development

    High level business development, database development, mobile apps, clients include Municipal and Government Institutions, Universities, and Professional Organizations.

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    Incredible Speed & Security

    Website Design, Web Application Development, Graphics. 

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    Superior Client Relationships

    We pride ourselves on prompt and courteous customer service. Our attention to detail is what makes us different. Our attention to every customer is what keeps us going.
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Web design at its best. Satisfied clients are the proof we need to know we’re doing it right. Our websites validate and display correctly across major browser networks.

Web Engineers

As full stack Gainesville web designers, application developers, and graphic artists, we are dedicated to delivering high quality products on-time and on budget.

Everything Mobile

A Mobile-must strategy  means that we build for versatility and cross-platform reliability. Our designs and application systems all have mobile baked in.

Some of our latest work

We’re way more than just web designers, we’re developers that provide customized solutions for every project. There’s no need for us to box your small business in some pre-fab software that doesn’t exactly fit your needs. We’re not constrained that way – for us, it’s all about giving our clients options and delivering the highest quality products possible.

Lacerta Theraputics


Unique layout with amazing background images from a local graphic artist. Motion on scroll takes things to the next level. 

Florida State Fire Marshall

Web Application | Database Development

This is the Florida Public School Fire Safety Report System. Automatic report generation. Sortable, searchable tables from a large database. Inspectors can add reports and manage profiles. 

Keith Martin Johns Fine Art

Design | Ecommerce

The amazing art of Keith Martin Johns makes this site bloom. The combination of subtle animation and cool tones 

Rebel Salts

Design | Ecommerce

Custom ecommerce with numerous add-on modules including cart abandonment notifications, text alerts, and real time shipping rates. 

Design & Conquer
Why Choose Us

We stand the test of time. Our company started in 2008 and we have outlasted 85% of companies in our fields. That’s because we’re serious about support, honest pricing, and a full range of services. 

What We're Good At

Not to toot our own horn all too much, but we kind of have it all. Aligning programming and design is a winning combination. Livewire is a full service Gainesville web design company that uniquely blends top technical expertise with artistic design and customer service value. We’re easy to work with, perform tasks on time and provide honest pricing.

High level business automation? We’ve done it. We have worked with top level and government organizations all over the country. 

We have professional graphic designers that can take you from concept to design in just a few steps. 

We make it easy to have it all. Top quality design, high level business development, built for small and medium sized businesses. Need something even larger, we have the team that can handle projects of any size. 

What our customers think

There’s a distinct reason we have been in businesses for nearly 15 years and have nothing but 5 star reviews!


Our Mission:

Awesome. Web. Development.

We’re not going go through some long boring, drawn out diatribe about our company. We’re awesome enough that we could do that, but we won’t. Here’s the Highlights.

ADA Compliance

Functional design for disabled viewer is overlooked by so many designers. We provide a full range of ADA based services. At request in the design process your website can be 100% ADA compliant.


We provide multiple local Gainesville Florida 501c3's with web design and development services at greatly reduced fees, or completely free. In the past these include.
Insulin For Life USA
Plenty of Pit Bulls
Friends of Children

Experience: Over 20 years of programming and development experience. Our bread and butter is always Gainesville Website Design, but we have also worked with organizations such as NASA, UF, and the USGS

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