Whether you are a Freelancer or a small business owner, you know the importance of an accurate project management, here are 3 of the best project management tools that can help you achieve your goals. 1.- Teamwork Projects Teamwork Projects is a cloud-based project management solution it allows you to manage different stages of a project. Features… Continue reading TOP 3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS AND WHY THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT

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Content Marketing Mistakes That Derail Your SEO

Content Marketing Mistakes That Derail Your SEO.

Don’t fall into the trap of content which won’t rank on search engines to go along with your sites top-flight graphics. All the effort and money poured into your website is for nothing if you don’t rank on a search engine. These are some common mistakes that can really hurt your SEO efforts, and how… Continue reading Content Marketing Mistakes That Derail Your SEO

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Best Seagate Barracuda Internal Hard Drive 4TB SATA

An Internal Hard Drive With Endless Storage and Impressive Speed. If you require vast data storage while not sacrificing speed, look no further than the Seagate’s Barracuda Internal Hard Drive Model ST4000DM004! With 4 terabytes of reliable storage you can store business documents, videos, pictures, games and movies with room to spare. Its lightning fast… Continue reading Best Seagate Barracuda Internal Hard Drive 4TB SATA

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HotOpponents Hack

We have seen this one a few times coming from WordPress but we have also seen it in Google Analytics code or simply in a header.php file. HotOpponents is a simple redirect script but really digs down and makes roots for itself throughout your website files and database.  Here’s how we got rid of it… Continue reading HotOpponents Hack

Updating WordPress Database After Website Move

Boy life sure would be easy if WordPress used relative URL’s throughout the menu and post content but that simply isn’t going to happen, they’ve made that clear. Changing the URL in the admin Settings would then be all you need to do, making moving installations a breeze. Not the case, we should stop crying… Continue reading Updating WordPress Database After Website Move

Woocommerce Products Per Page

Interestingly Woocommerce does not seem to have a default setting for ‘products per page’. Unsurprisingly, there’s a simple workaround. Add to your functions.php Replace “28” with whatever number you want. add_filter( ‘loop_shop_per_page’, create_function( ‘$cols’, ‘return 28;’ ), 20 );

Using Google URL Shortener

It really could not be easier. Google’s URL shortener is certainly the best one out there. Our latest rollout, InfoGopher, uses this extensively. Our unique texting app needs short URLs in order to remain inside text character limits. Anyway, we love it. Google as usual gives you the goods.

WordPress Email Issues

Every now and again we run into issues with WordPress where the email functionality has stopped working. This is usually the result of corrupted core files and/or plugin conflicts. Easy enough to fix: disable plugins or upload a fresh copy of the software and you’re good to go. There are those times though that it… Continue reading WordPress Email Issues

Answerhub versus WordPress

Recently we worked on a project with intent to use AnswerHub as the primary vehicle for user interaction. After spending some time in AnswerHub’s admin we discovered that they don’t provide anything that you cannot accomplish with easy under the WordPress hood. While AH supplies you with a OSQA solution, WP gives you a full… Continue reading Answerhub versus WordPress

A Quick Way To Kill Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a powerful tool. With millions upon millions of reachable users it is the social media powerhouse. Sharing content is incredibly easy and businesses can so easily engage potential customers that many businesses are putting it to work for them. There are, in fact, many ways to make Facebook work for you, but there… Continue reading A Quick Way To Kill Your Facebook Marketing

CSS Animation, The New Flash?

I’ve used it, so I am not immune to the pull of CSS animation, but what are we doing here folks? Used sparingly, CSS animation is at best a small way to augment conversions (button wiggle), but at worst it is a resource hog that destroys readability and flow. I can guarantee that users would… Continue reading CSS Animation, The New Flash?

Product Variations – WordPress Plugins

So this is a nice little plugin – an add-on to Woocommerce called Smart Variation Images. The extension allows  you to set different images to each product variation. This is handy to display different style types to the user as they browse through your product variation choices. Each time they select a new variation, the primary image… Continue reading Product Variations – WordPress Plugins

TradePMR has a new website

A really great client – TradePMR – just launched their new super awesome, totally spectacular, mobile responsive website! We worked with their staff for the last 8 weeks to put together an entirely new online experience for their customers. Livewire will be conducting conversion optimization audits over the next few weeks. This will allow us… Continue reading TradePMR has a new website


Here at Livewire, Gainesville Web Design headquarters, we have had a couple of projects recently that allowed us to work with JSON and PHP. Initially it may seem a bit strange for PHP experts to want to embed javascript functionality in their code base but the two work together as well as peanut butter and… Continue reading JSON and PHP

The problems with Wix

Wix is a do-it-yourself website builder. While this may seem to be in direct competition with Gainesville Web Design companies, they fill an important niche; mainly, those customers that cannot afford a professional website but still desire to have a nice looking design for their business. The templates are nicely made in most cases –… Continue reading The problems with Wix

Branding & Marketing Services

Livewire is proud to announce that we are now offering professional branding and marketing services. Phil, the owner, never considered branding services because, well to be honest, he is terrible at graphic design (he’s a programmer so it’s okay). Branding services include but are not limited to : Branding boards, iconography & custom logo design (which… Continue reading Branding & Marketing Services

Photography Services

At Livewire we have not had photography services in the past, leaving it up to clients to procure their own services for website pictures. Over time, this has become an inconvenience. Mainly, waiting for images holds up the design process. We are so glad we found Kimber Greenwood at Waterbear Photography. She has been a… Continue reading Photography Services

What is in a name? SEO strategies for Facebook

Establishing Connections. Social media represents a critical marketing opportunity for small business in creating connections with potential clients through shares and referrals. There are certain marketing and SEO strategies that standout in creating value for your business. We all have that friend that excusably shares information just to draw attention. It is important to invest… Continue reading What is in a name? SEO strategies for Facebook

What makes your website attractive to google?

What makes your website attractive to google? In 2013, Google released Search Quality Evaluation Guidelines to provide transparency in how google rates websites. The main goal of Google’s Search Quality Ratings is to provide results that represent and are beneficial to a specific user and their locale. This all sounds great, but what does it… Continue reading What makes your website attractive to google?

You get 15 seconds! Web Design Trends for 2016

Mobile is in and users are becoming increasingly impatient. In 2014, 55% of users spent less than 15 seconds on a webpage according to data by Tony Haile of Chartbeat.  This means you only have 15 seconds to capture a users attention and convert a visitor to a customer. User-Centered Design is critical to the success… Continue reading You get 15 seconds! Web Design Trends for 2016

Responsive Design and Why it is important for your Small Business Website

Responsive design provides users with quick seamless access to the same content regardless if they are using a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop/desktop. “Web Design is responsive design, Responsive Wed Design is web design, done right.” – Andy Clarke A responsive design website responds to the device it’s being viewed on by fluidly changing… Continue reading Responsive Design and Why it is important for your Small Business Website

New Website for NWSF!

Northwest Seafood got hacked unfortunately. Being previous clients of ours we came to the rescue. The site was damaged beyond repair so our team of Gainesville Web Design experts took hold and gave them a brand new website in a matter of days. We always support our clients in their hour of need. That’s what separates… Continue reading New Website for NWSF!

Geolocate Address from Custom Post Type Meta Value: WordPress Experts

This was an interesting project for our Gainesville Web Design Team. The puzzle: Create a custom post type within WordPress, no trouble there Allow users to input an address on a CRED front-end form that loads into the CPT, still no trouble there Next, create a script that loops through each CPT, extracts the elements… Continue reading Geolocate Address from Custom Post Type Meta Value: WordPress Experts

Guardian Association Management Has A New Website

Pleased to introduce the new Guardian Association Management website. This is a clean minimalistic layout that funnels users directly into services and payments pages. Gainesville GAM came to us needing something up in a timely manner, clean, modern, and looked great on mobile. We were happy to oblige. In just a few short weeks we… Continue reading Guardian Association Management Has A New Website

WordPress: Capturing Post Author Meta

An easy one here from your local Gainesville Web Designer: How to retreive the author information from a post in the WordPress loop. This assumes you’re in the loop, of course. $meta_field= get_the_author_meta( ‘your_meta’ );   Badda-bing badda-boom. You’re done. It really is that simple. Just use get_the_author_meta, the name of the meta source from… Continue reading WordPress: Capturing Post Author Meta

Florida Auctioneers Has A New Website

Proud to present the new and improved Florida Auctioneers Association Website! This was a lengthy project but the final website is well worth it. Really more of a web portal, the system is chock full of features and runs smooth and fast. The site features: Membership program Member search by name, category, company, city or… Continue reading Florida Auctioneers Has A New Website

Preloading Images with Jquery

There are times when preloading images is an important step in keeping your site/page/program running smoothly. This is especially true in the era of mobile. Here’s a cute little snippet that does just that. function preload(yourarrayOfImages) { $(yourarrayOfImages).each(function(){ $(‘<img/>’)[0].src = this; }); } preload([ ‘img/image1.jpg’, ‘img/image2.jpg’, ‘img/image3.jpg’ ]);