2 Great Marketing Funnel Tools

Using Outbase for Target Market Research
With Outbase’s multitude of capabilities, you can gain a deeper knowledge of your sales performance and identify areas for improvement. Outbase is a prospecting platform that streamlines the top funnel challenges experienced by business-to-business organizations.

Thanks to a large dataset covering numerous markets and demographics, this tool can let you zero in on your ideal clientele, divide them up for more focused campaigns, and do A/B tests on your ad content depending on variables such as these, as well as campaign, contact, and industry.

Though the bulk of the tool is intended for email sales teams, the selection of exceptionally granular analysis features will be an enormous boon to your marketing abilities, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of how the activities at the top of your funnel affect the performance of the remaining customer journeys.

Snitcher understands the importance of having a detailed understanding of the marketing funnel’s middle and bottom stages, but the information gathered during the discovery phase is typically disregarded.

You may find out more about your site’s visitors—who they are, how they found your site, and what they did once they got there—with the help of this Google Analytics add-on.

You’ll be able to better segment your audience, understand their intentions and needs, and tailor your marketing funnel to them with this high-resolution image of their behavior spanning from when they were completely unknown to you until the checkout or book-a-demo step.

Although you can learn a lot from looking back, it’s important to avoid being too pushy with your messaging at the outset, when your audience is still just curious about what you have to offer. Carefully guide them to the next funnel step without alienating them from where they currently are.

HotOpponents Hack

We have seen this one a few times coming from WordPress but we have also seen it in Google Analytics code or simply in a

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