The problems with Wix

Wix is a do-it-yourself website builder. While this may seem to be in direct competition with Gainesville Web Design companies, they fill an important niche; mainly, those customers that cannot afford a professional website but still desire to have a nice looking design for their business. The templates are nicely made in most cases – some designs you could even qualify as stunning. For informational sites only, they are not a bad choice. But there are issues.

  1. There is no HTML or CSS customization… whatsoever. This means that you are stuck with the template you choose – no chance at adding any custom work.
  2. Changing templates. There is not an option (currrently) that allows you to switch themes. So if you want a new look for you website you have to start from scratch.
  3. The blog. The wix blog software has left a lot to be desired. Over simplistic and not at all SEO friendly.
  4. URLS. Many URLS are not SEO friendly. Wix does not employ a mod rewrite option.
  5. AJAX. The most disturbing thing about wix sites is that some of them are completely powered by AJAX. All well and good until you look at the source code on your website… it’s all Javascript, which is virtually invisible to search engines … so, for the most part, so will your site. That’s not good.

All in all wix serves a useful purpose but they are seriously lagging in the SEO department. The custom builder has plenty of useful options however they just don’t compare with a professionally designed site. Still a great option for business owners on a tight budget.

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