Here at Livewire, Gainesville Web Design headquarters, we have had a couple of projects recently that allowed us to work with JSON and PHP. Initially it may seem a bit strange for PHP experts to want to embed javascript functionality in their code base but the two work together as well as peanut butter and jelly…. as long as you have some AJAX handy too .. so maybe it’s like peanut butter, jelly and more jelly. Works for us.

In this scenario we had data pushed to a server in JSON format. We needed to fetch the data, parse it, store the data into a MySQL database then retrieve and post into a JQuery file for output. Simple right? Really it’s not all that difficult.

Here’s a quick video that mostly explains what is going on.

Facebook Dings Developers

In the ever growing app community, Facebook is putting the screws to developers looking to use their vast resources to build their apps. Really, they’re

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