The Best of HTML 5

Thank Goodness HTML 5 is finally here and it’s everything we expected it to be and more! Out of the many new features with the code standards comes with it many new and exiting programs to facilitate the production of HTML 5 websites. One great new tool is called Modernizer. This is a javascript library that enables you to make browser specific alterations to your website.

html 5 tools modernizer

The program detects the users browser and makes changes according to the settings you choose for your website  One of the biggest problems with web design and development is making a website look the same on every browser. It sounds simply, but it is far from it. Web Browsers differ greatly on the way they present code – Internet Explorer is the biggest culprit – even different versions of IE display web content differently. Nice, huh? Why not make everything work like everything else? Who knows, but it’s the way it is.

Modernizer helps take care of this issue by letting you tweak the settings and content for individual browsers instead of trying to ‘hack’ your website into submission.