Howe Development Has a New Website

Website is complete on Howe Development. Now for phase 2 – integrating a simply, custom CMS so they can update content on parts of the site.

No need for wordpress – we can easily do a custom solution for those cases where a client only needs to control small portions of their websites. For Rick, he wanted something simple, easy to navigate, and brought the customer to an understanding of how valuable his services are. He is very pleased with things so far and we have a number of improvements already on the shelf. Coming soon to a portfolio near you … yes, our portfolio.

Thomas Jackson Updates

John Pailing and I have been hard at work upgrading what is already an incredible website. We have made several layout changes and are playing

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Gainesville Web Development

What a market. Gainesville has it all, especially its share of web developers. With new blood coming into the market – funnelled into and out of Gainesville

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Woocommerce Products Per Page

Interestingly Woocommerce does not seem to have a default setting for ‘products per page’. Unsurprisingly, there’s a simple workaround. Add to your functions.php Replace “28”

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