Review: Google Chrome – StayFocusd ★★★★★

We. Love. This. Chrome extension. Warning: It’s brutal.

Stayfocusd is essentially a task manager, not as in manage what task is next, but keeps you focused on your tasks at hand. It blocks websites that waste your time and keep you distracted through a time limit feature. You set the limit – give yourself 10 or 20 minutes a day to do your procrastination routine … once time runs out, you’re locked out of the website until tomorrow.

Other features.

Go Nuclear: Block the app’s own settings webpage and then hide the extension in Google Chrome’s settings – this makes it impossible to reverse the block once it has set for the day.

Inactivity catch: If you’re inactive on a website for a while, the program will halt and alert you that you haven’t moved from one of your blocked pages in a while. This is great in case you just forget and leave one of the browser windows open on a blocked site .. you don’t want to use up all your time, right?

Really this extension just makes it a little bit more difficult to waste time, which is exactly what most people need. You stay aware of the time limit and really do spend much less time on news sites, facebook, or other time wasting online activities. It’s great for us home-based workers and entrepreneurs or anyone that has a lot to do but have a hard time keeping on a track.


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