Is PPC Advertising Worth It?

gainesville website designersThe answer is: it depends.

In our experience it really comes down to your industry, your ad’s effectiveness and … dum de dum dum … money.

First, your industry should be visible online in the first place. Holly’s Bakery is probably going to do fine on Google ads or Facebook but John’s Elder Entertainment Center might do better in the phone book … or not .. really and truly, it’s probably something you’ll have to test out for yourself and check your Return On Investment.

The way you build your ads certainly can make or break your PPC campaign. Having an effective ad is essential to be able to tell if the system is right for you. You most certainly could be missing out on a great ROI if your ads are unappealing or confusing.

It all does come down to money though. How much are you willing to spend on your PPC campaign. We can tell you from experience that there is a threshold out there somewhere for you. If you don’t reach it, then you don’t get that ROI. At some point, more than likely, the economies of scale will roll into your favor. Whether you can afford that ROI or not is another matter. We’ve had clients that don’t get a return unless they put in $1500 per month (this is rare). So, the point is, putting in $50 here or there probably isn’t going to provide you with an accurate representation of what PPCs are doing for you.

Test it out. It’s that simple. Facebook ads are better for some (cost is generally less) over Google but for other its Google that wins out. First, build an effective ad, read up on it (or hire us) and give it a test run. Sometimes your money can be better spent on organic optimization. Better give us a call.

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