Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal

Improving SEO Results with Link Building.

Still trying to get higher SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placement? After months of trying is your company no higher on Google or Bing than before you concentrated on SEO keywords? The lack of results from your efforts may leave you confused and wondering what you can do to improve your rankings. There is an effective method you may not about; using links (hyperlinks) to improve your results. Using links is like putting in virtual road signs to guide Users. They allow you to point the user exactly where you want them. With that in mind, here are a few things that will improve your SERP.

If you want to increase traffic to your website, and at the same time improve your SEO results, then an useful method is back-linking and citations. When you generate a page on Google, Bing, Yelp, etc, for your company you are creating back-links to your site. These back-links are valuable because they allow you to post a link to your website and they leave citations to your business which as a result will help improve your SEO results. Back-links can be used to push traffic to your website and also to social media accounts. The more pages for your business that are registered with various websites, the better your link building campaign will be. Also Keep in mind registering your business with local websites such as the Chamber of Commerce or Yahoo’s local listings. These local websites let people in your community know you are there while at the same time building upon your back-link strategy. Yet another way to accumulate additional citations is by ensuring you have an account with the foremost map aggregators such as Nuestar Localeze and Express Update. This is essential from both an SEO standpoint and if your company is in retail or food service where walk up traffic determines your success or failure. When a potential customer looks at Google Maps on their smart phone you want your business to be visible.

Another powerful tool you can use to create back links and grow relationships with customers is social media. An dynamic social media account that interacts with customers can bring immediate results at almost no cost. It is key to post information about your product, as well as comment on follower posts to dispel the idea they are being spammed. Using specific hashtags connected to your product will draw users of a desired target demographic to your accounts. If done right, your posts will receive shares on Facebook and re-tweets on Twitter which are in fact additional back-links.

Back-links must provide high-quality content to draw in customers. Shoddy landing pages and blog posts won’t generate any interest in your good or services; they will only increase bounce rates. Content must be thoroughly researched, be free of typos and grammatical errors, and be attention grabbing. Use splashy photos instead of generic clip art, and make sure your font is not hard to read. When an event breaks in the news related to your industry or field of service, post content right away. If you do so quickly enough you may sourced and back-linked to various sites and your posts shared on Twitter and Facebook, creating additional back-links.

Another excellent way to create back-links is by guest blogging on website related to your line of business. It will help establish you and your company by proxy experts in a specific field. When information is disclosed about the author of the blog post a back-link to your site will be posted.

Finally, maintaining back-links is crucial to holding on to your improved SERP results. Back-links which give the appearance of being paid for will bring about lower rankings from search engines. Google allows you to dispute the bad links with its disavow links tool. This tells Google you are not paying for links so that it will not affect your SEO endeavors.

Building links is an important part of your marketing tool-box and should be part of any SEO undertaking. With attention and effort given to establishing back-links, results will not be far behind.