What’s New For 2015

Really, we’re not all that sure. We’ll go where the winds blow us but we do have some exciting projects to start out the year right. January will be a big month for us here at Livewire and we hope it only goes up from there. We’re glad to be partnering with some excellent organizations and building lasting relationships with our clients, co-workers and peers.

We don’t have any plans for the website at the moment other than possibly a blog redesign. We’re happy with our look and look to add to the portfolio as often as we can. Keep checking back to the blog for the latest in tips, industry news and what’s going on with us – we know we’re that exciting.

Interested to see what new social media is coming out in 2015 and what will happen on back to the future day in October – will we all be sick of it? are we already?

As our family at home grows in 2015, so will our network of happy clients. We look forward to growing with you!

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