Would You Lock Out 20% Of Your Customers?

If you have a website that is not responsive, or that does not have a mobile version (at least), that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Nowadays it’s not just an important add-on feature to your website, going mobile is essential to a fully adjusted online presence. Did you know that some browsers have a “mobile version” where responsive/mobile websites get indexed first, that means your organic search listings you so devoutly covet are all but unobtainable in the mobile realm. That’s a fancy way of saying you simply don’t show up in search results on mobile, which accounts for about 20% of global Internet traffic today.

A responsive design allows your website to communicate effectively to your users. It’s not just about enhancing the user experience, it’s about being able to convert your mobile users into loyal customers. If they land on your website and have to do a lot of panning and zooming, it is highly unlikely they will do anything other than bounce off and go back to searching. 20 years ago some companies decided to wait on creating websites, and generally suffered the consequences of being late to the game. The same applies here. In fact, if you aren’t already mobile friendly, your way late to the game, mobile has been a significant force for at least 5 years.

All is not lost though. It is easy to convert to a new website. All you have to do … is hire us. And just like that, you’ve got some increased online presence.