WordPress: Capturing Post Author Meta

An easy one here from your local Gainesville Web Designer: How to retreive the author information from a post in the WordPress loop. This assumes you’re in the loop, of course.

$meta_field= get_the_author_meta( 'your_meta' );


Badda-bing badda-boom. You’re done. It really is that simple. Just use get_the_author_meta, the name of the meta source from the fields control and you have it.

WordPress is a great resource and we use it heavily in our Gainesville Web Design studio. It fits the needs for most projects large and small. This example shows how easy it is to retrieve information from the database in a meaningful way. Using plugins like “types” and “views” we can really ramp up the power on the software and expand its uses to a variety of applications. WP isn’t just for websites anymore, it can be useful in so many ways – we have built job boards with WP, custom application and of course, awesome gainesville web designs.