Maintaining The Correct Keyword Density

gainesville web designersKeyword density, by definition, is the number of times, expressed in a percentage, that a particular keyphrase or keyword appears in a body of text. So if your keyword appears 4 times and the number of words on the page is 200 then your keyword density is 2%. 4 / 200 = 0.02, or 2%.

People tell you different things about the proper keyword density, 4 percent is ideal, 7% is best, etc… but everything generally hovers around the 3-6% range. We’ve found if your keyword density is good and your site structure is adequate then you will be fine. They best option is to make sure you fall in the range but don’t stuff keywords where they don’t belong. It has to sound natural, and be natural.

For instance, instead of saying “We build websites” we could say, “As Gainesville Web Designers, we build websites”, our keyword being “Gainesville web designers” of course. Make your keywords flow with the rest of your text, then worry about density. The more unique and compelling your content is, that should be the ultimate goal. Trust us, we’re Gainesville web designers.