Understanding Value

At Livewire, we definitely understand what value means. As primarily a B2B driven business we know that value goes beyond a ROI, although that is incredibly important. A proper return on investment is the measuring stick by which most business owners value our services, and that is totally fine with us. We always knock it out of the park with some clients seeing ROI as high as 1500%. that’s good bottom line right there…

But some of the things we do cannot be measured in dollars and cents. It certainly all ends up that way, as do most business subjects, but assigning a dollar value is not necessary, or possible. For instance, can you measure how much our fast support response time saves you? – maybe in units of “mine ease” perhaps, but it’s hard to quantify. How can you measure in, dollars and cents, how good you feel knowing you have a great website and a dedicated webmaster that is always available? Can you measure how much our commitment to staying on top of the latest trends returns to your business?

Value is much more to us than a price tag. We bring value to our clients in a number of ways – the end result is always the highest level of satisfaction and a great ROI. Rest easy, we have you covered.

The problems with Wix

Wix is a do-it-yourself website builder. While this may seem to be in direct competition with Gainesville Web Design companies, they fill an important niche;

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