What’s Worse?

What’s worse than these dang North Florida love bugs?

Having a poor website, for one. A website should be like the dream employee . It should never call in sick, treat your customers properly and get them the information and the attention the require each and every time.

What’s worse than 97 degrees and 90% humidity in August?

Not being on page one on Google. We can put your website front and center on all the major search engines. Our custom SEO packages ensure that your website is visible and the traffic keeps growing. Optimization is playing the long game, that’s true. But the organic, natural process ensures that you have staying power and you’re not just the latest Google flavor of the month. Your online presence continues to grow each and every month.

What’s worse than popping onto I-75 and immediately getting stuck in a traffic jam?

Having a web company that doesn’t give you the attention and support your business needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer experience. We don’t try to upsell you or have any hidden agendas. Our answers are prompt, and honest. We don’t give you things you don’t need just to make a quick extra few bucks – livewire is fully dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

What’s worse than Newberry road at 5:30?

Forgetting our number


Photography Services

At Livewire we have not had photography services in the past, leaving it up to clients to procure their own services for website pictures. Over

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Session Timeouts

We’re currently fixing a set of issues with a shopping cart created through a different developer for a local client. They did a pretty good

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