Lots of new fun with CSS3.

CSS makes styling web pages a snap. Now CSS3, the third “version”,  allows for incredibly robust styling possible. For instance, background gradients are a breeze when before developers had to create them as images or use CSS ‘hacks’ to accomplish those goals.  The standards allow us to rely less on hacks and tricks to get the styling flexibility we need to create modern stylish websites and web programs. Among other features, responsive grid designs are probably the most favored feature here at livewire. Responsive designs are the latest thing and CSS3 makes it super easy.

Browsers still have a ways to catch up – a lot of people are still stuck in versions that don’t support CSS3. But undoubtedly they will catch up and the better CSS gets, the more influence it will have on them to upgrade.

In conjunction with HTML5, CSS3 is even more powerful. These two tools are the cornerstone of the future of web development, and maybe even mobile apps.

Raven Tools

Took a look at Raven SEO tools today. Really, not all that impressed. They have a good price but it mostly looks like you’re just

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Minimalism in Design

By eliminating clutter and concentrating on essential features, minimalist web design prioritizes user experience. This method prioritizes an uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasant user experience by

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