Thomas Jackson Updates

John Pailing and I have been hard at work upgrading what is already an incredible website. We have made several layout changes and are playing with a few ideas that will really add to the depth and relevance of the site. It is truly an honor to be a part of history in such a meaningful way. These civil war era letters have never been published, so outside of the Pailing family, I am one of the few to have had the pleasure of working with them.  John’s gratitude is apparent. We are so glad that we can work so closely together and put up an amazing product that many people can enjoy.

John has been in touch with many important figures in the historical arena. A member of the National Archives has said our website is “outstanding”. That is quite a compliment.

Our next move is to begin mobile version of the site. This will be difficult since many of the letters are difficult to read at low resolutions and with mobile, download time is a huge factor. Nevertheless we will perceiver and come out with a product of the highest quality. That’s what Livewire does.