WordPress Email Issues

Every now and again we run into issues with WordPress where the email functionality has stopped working. This is usually the result of corrupted core files and/or plugin conflicts. Easy enough to fix: disable plugins or upload a fresh copy of the software and you’re good to go.

There are those times though that it takes a bit more investigating than you’re used to. A great little tool is called “Check Email”, another plugin, which allows you to test your email settings. It really doesn’t do much other than sending you a test email but it can be a big time saver if you have to send mail via custom script or multi step plugin options.

Check it out here

Eat More Protien

Meat in your website diet is needed – you’re probably in optimization atrophy … What is meat for your website? Content. Your site need fresh content

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Our New Look

Take a peak at our main website’s new look! We’re proud to present a brand new layout and style for Livewire Web Design. We work

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