Are You Using Linkedin Like You Should?

Probably not. Linkedin is a valuable resource for any professional, but particularly freelancers and business owners. There is a lot to love about the social media construct, and a lot to hate; but no matter what side of the coin you fall on it is no secret that you need to be on, and using, Linkedin.

The thing is, you’re probably not really using your profile at all? Most people have an account, but simply don’t participate or keep up with status updates. Linkedin is just like every other social media outlet; you get out (some of) what you put it – but what you put in has to be useful, fresh and make people want to share. Like anything web, it comes down to compelling content.

Have dynamic titles, and use groups to network online. Ask for reviews and endorsements. The point is, use it. Be a part of it, but always write effectively.