Choosing The Right Domain

Finding the right domain can be a arduous process. That is, unless of course you are lucky enough to find your business name in the exact form you desire. More often than not, obtaining a great domain takes a lot f time, mental energy and cautious anxiety. Will it be easy to type? Easy to remember? What about SEO and marketing issues?

Luckily there are a few tools out there to help you pick the right URL. First up is Lean Domain Search. This handy program allows you to enter a keyword and searches available domains that contain that keyword.

Namemesh is a step up and allows you to enter a list of keywords, even wildcard characters (not sure why), and will report a list of domains categorized by commonality. The program also gives you a list of similar domains that can help you find synonyms.

For the lazy business owner you can always go with Web2.0 Name Generator. It’s a one click solution that spits out random names like, Fudnuddler or Topicspace.

Finding the right domain name can be a tedious process but hopefully these tools can help you along the way. Just remember that the perfect domain is thoughtful, easy to understand/communicate and intuitive.