Geolocate Address from Custom Post Type Meta Value: WordPress Experts

This was an interesting project for our Gainesville Web Design Team. The puzzle:

  • Create a custom post type within WordPress, no trouble there
  • Allow users to input an address on a CRED front-end form that loads into the CPT, still no trouble there
  • Next, create a script that loops through each CPT, extracts the elements generate a dynamic XML file
  • Geolocates the encoded address from the ML via Google Map API V3
  • Assigns an address category
  • then display on a g-map with sweet custom icons

All in all it sounds pretty straightforward. And once we were done, it really is, but getting there was half the fun. We found some great resources from Google, of course, but we needed to grab several different resources and combine them to achieve the desired result.

Livewire Delivers, bottom line.

The result: a fast, lightweight application that delivers customized information in an ultra user-friendly way. Our Gainesville Web Design team joined several pre-made scripts with our own to create something powerful and incredibly beneficial to our client.

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