No Business is too Small for Mobile

No matter how small your business is, you need to be on mobile. There are more mobile users these days than traditional desktop/laptop users, so the benefit is apparent. If your website is not mobile ready, you are at a distinct disadvantage. First, the user will probably have a slow experience on a mobile device – this is because images and content on a typical website is not optimized for mobile, so they take a long time to download with notoriously slower connections that exist – you aren’t hooked up to a cable modem, so how much ‘weight’ your webpage carries is significant and determines how quickly a user can download your page. If it takes too long, they’ll most likely leave.

Second, you want to maximize your users’ experience. If they have to zoom in and out, pan around and search for information, there’s a good chance you will lose them. Why deal with not having information right where it is supposed to be? Users want to be able to click a number and have it automatically call you, this does not happen on traditional websites, but it does when your site is mobile ready.

Third, your competition is likely going mobile, or thinking about it. So you’re either playing catch-up or you can get that much needed edge to increase your customer share.

Responsive designs are industry best practices.

Responsive website design
Responsive website design

Javascript called by PHP

Interesting little snippet. What is going on here? Livewire gives you the low down.    if($num_rowvs == 0){ echo ‘<script>// <![CDATA[ alert(“This is an alert

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