Netgear Routers Are Terrible

Why did we purchase this product for our office? What a mistake. Range on this router is about 4 feet before the signal drops off significantly. Speeds are sketchy and we experienced significant slowdown periods throughout the day. Connections lost – impromptu port disabling, you name it.

If there is ever a “rise of the machines” lets hope it leads with these routers since the “rise” will only last about a week before it hangs itself up with a broken firmware update.

For an inexpensive router, stop being so cheap.

We make this error in judgement a few weeks ago when our last router kicked the bucket. We went over to Best Buy and chose the cheapo model since, well, why not…

… and we’re paying for it in more ways than one. First, by having to purchase a new router still. Netgear is so terrible there is no fixing this so it simply has to be trashed and we need to spend the money on a nice new Linksys model. Secondly, it cost us the time we spent working on and with it to get it to preform correctly, which it never did. The amount of time we spent fiddling with this that we could have been working on a quality project means we certainly lost money on this deal. That makes our wallets sad. See, it has cried out all its money… none left.

So, what have we done? We purchased a Linksys router and haven’t looked back. Works perfect.

Yes, we could have taken the Netgear router back but we decided to eat the cost and “office space” it into oblivion. Surprisingly it works well as a makeshift baseball for about a swing and a half before it explodes.

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