Garry Seay has a New Website

Garry is running for Sheriff in Union county Florida. We wish him the best of luck and he has a great new website to show off. His campaigners came to me after locating Livewire on Google. We met and discussed their needs. They needed something up and running quickly so we had to put the pedal to the metal and get them into something quickly but not sacrifice our dedication to quality and attention to detail.

In about 12 days we had them online with a responsive design that they simply loved. Customized up and down this layout is sure to impress potential voters. We even added a ‘register to vote’ link to help out people who have yet to participate.

Good Luck Garry!

garry seay website by livewire

Jquery Simple Fadeout

A cute little snippet to show a simple green bar upon a successful edit. <?php if(isset($_GET[‘edit’])){ ?> <div id=’notifyy’> Edited Successfully </div>     <script

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