Better Than Notepad: Notepad ++

We love this little program. It’s a replacement for Notepad called Notepad++.

It’s like notepad on steroids. Lots of  new, useful functions – essentially, everything Microsoft neglected to put into their product,; open source, once again, has provided a better alternative. Easy find/replace functions, even in files so no need to know exactly where the replacing needs to be, the program does all the finding.

We certainly appreciate that the GUI is totally customizable. This allows us to refine how we use the program in so many ways. Syntax highlighting is a great feature as well. It’s difficult to express how much of an improvement of Microsoft’s product this is. There’s really no comparison.  Maybe… the difference between a Battleship and a Jon Boat.

Five Stars, 10 Yippies, 100 Points, a million +’s

Easy to download and install and no ads or third party software installs. Keeping it simple.