Conversion Optimization

So many people have a myopic outlook on SEO and SEM. They tend to focus on optimization as strawberry field, where you can just pick a little fruit from here or there and fill up your basket. Not so fast. It’s not just about having a full basket, it’s about the quality of those berries. If they’re no good, you don’t really have a basket of much, now do you?

conversion optimization
conversion optimization

We have found in our experience that far too much attention is paid to the traffic side of optimization and far too little on the conversion side. What a lot of optimization companies out there miss is adapting quickly to the analytical user data you gather. They show you graphs and charts about how your traffic is doing this or that but they don’t really go into how that is translating into actual sales. The most important number in all their data is the one you use for your bottom line – sales.

How many calls to action did a given campaign bring your small business? That is the question.

What conversion optimization does is focus on that factor – not just bringing in new traffic, but watching how that traffic flows through your website and how people are acting once they are on there, depending on where they land and what they’re searching for.

Conversion optimization is key to a robust, evenly balanced optimization strategy.

An Example:

Simply moving a button from the left to right side could be called conversion optimization – measure the click through rate of that element before and after the change and you very well might be able to extrapolate relevant information about user behavior on your website. Layout alterations, styling enhancements, color coordinating, all play a vital role in the conversion optimizers’ tool kit. We here at Livewire enjoy doing conversion optimization immensely, we feel it factors in a broader base of specialties than organic or local optimization. It’s fun and gives you insight in the human action and behavior.

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