Eat More Protien

Meat in your website diet is needed – you’re probably in optimization atrophy …

What is meat for your website?

Content. Your site need fresh content added to it on a regular basis. Good content. Compelling content. But most of all, it need to be original content.

That means say goodbye to copy and pasting anything, at least anything you’re not going to extensively extrapolate on to further the discussion/article. It is true that this is what Google and other search engines are looking for. And for good reason too. On the whole, websites that have fresh content are being used more often, they are more than likely the most recent source of information and likely to keep up with fast moving trends. So Google and other search engines rank these sites near the top. They have the authority, trust and most importantly the relevance for the search algorithm to pick it out of the pack and place it on top. Content is the main driver of this action and it is becoming more important with every algorithm update. No doubt because the industry is evolving at such a rapid pace, those that keep up with new trends almost always have the freshest content.

We hear, “but I’m not a writer” almost every time we bring the subject up. You don’t need to be a writer in every scenario, you just need to write. Or pay someone to write for you, but either way, just get it done.

But go with your strengths. Keep a daily blog on your activities, new clients, industry news, anything that you can spend an hour or two per week discussing.

Write Like You Have An Audience ..even if you don’t.

Face it, you feel stupid when you know no one is reading your blog. What are you writing for? To whom exactly? Well, maybe no one will ever read every post but the fact that you are building your website means that you will inevitably drive traffic to it in almost every situation. So, in a sense, if you write it, “they will come.”

So get out there – start a blog, and get some content on it!