Extend Your iPhone or iPad Battery Life

A common problem in todays world – batteries haven’t really kept up with the rest of the tech world and are absolutely the weak link in virtually any modern day tech pack. Things have gotten better over the years. My smartphone lasts about 18 hours depending on usage now, when a few years ago it might have lasted 15. Whoop!

We watch the little battery icon like its the sands of time passing through the hourglass. At 20% you best know where you are and start planning your next charging scenario. At 10% you’re screening calls and keeping things on an emergency only level. 9% and you’re asking around for a compatible charger. And with each charge comes new promise of diminishing returns on the life of your device’s power.

Here’s a few tips on lengthening that lifespan.

Turn Down The Auto Brightness.

Definitely a resource hog. The backlight setting on your phone is a game changer when it comes to battery longevity. Turn it down to the minimum you can view information on the screen comfortably with. Manually manage it if you have to turning it up or down depending on external lighting conditions. It’s worth it.

Micromanage Your Apps

Turn off notifications if you can stand it. Any apps you don’t regularly use be sure they aren’t constantly running or pingning external servers. This takes resources and burns battery life even when the app isn’t being used. There are plenty of battery saver apps out there that will tell you when another app is becoming a battery hog. Delete them at least disable your background app refresh.

Airplane Mode Works Wonders

If you’re one of those few people that actually puts their phones down for more than 45 seconds then why not pop it into airplane mode? It slams the door shut on the battery drains and will extend your usage availability significantly.  If you leave your phone at home when you go for a run or to the gym then put it into airplane mode – it’s easy.


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