What is in a name? SEO strategies for Facebook

Establishing Connections. Social media represents a critical marketing opportunity for small business in creating connections with potential clients through shares and referrals. There are certain marketing and SEO strategies that standout in creating value for your business. We all have that friend that excusably shares information just to draw attention. It is important to invest in quality posts that help in building rapport as a reputable and trusted source. SEO, at its core, operates behind the scenes to foster these essential connections. Good basic SEO strategies for Facebook can be distilled down to three categories: your name, keyword, and links. Before you worry about keywords and links, it is important to establish “WHO” you are.

It is all in the name

Your name is who you are to the world. Who people will remember you by. Your name should be memorable, descriptive, and, once established, not changed. Renaming is more troublesome than going to the DMV and Social Security office to change your name when you get married. Renaming, from an SEO perspective, is changing your identity, your reputation, and undermines the hard work you have put forward in creating connections. 

This is also true for your Facebook URL name. Make sure your Facebook URL is a logical connection to your business name. To be searchable, the rule of thumb is at that least ONE term in your Facebook URL should be related to your business.

New Projects

We’re excited to have new projects coming in on a regular basis. On the menu for the next few weeks are some great opportunities to

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